Prayer as improv – feat. Steve the Missionary

Improv is all made up and the points don’t matter; that’s one way prayer ISN’T like improv. But other ways it is.

In this interview with Steve the Missionary, we talk about

  • Why discerning God’s will doesn’t mean expecting Him to hand you a script
  • The sin of acedia means wanting God to change the story for your life
  • High school never leaves you
  • Quoting the Bible in normal conversations, but not saying it’s from the Bible
  • Kierkegaard is all about angst
  • You should look to God to see what kind of hero you should be
  • And more!

Seriously, this video was a ton of fun to make. You guys should check out Steve the Missionary’s videos, they’re awesome.



Twitter: @SteveMissionary

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3 thoughts on “Prayer as improv – feat. Steve the Missionary

  1. WOW! Just found you today, Mike, from your How’s Your Prayer Life? video with StevetheMissionary. I can totally relate to what you said in this video about how you want everything to be perfect, and until you’re assured of that, you don’t even want to start to try. Thanks for this website and everything. God bless 🙂

    • Very glad you like it! That video was a ton of fun to do, and I’m glad you found this website from it also. Did you see our Prayer As Improv one?

      • Yeah, I did, great concept! I love when Catholics like Steve reference/shout-out other Catholics like you, cuz then it grows and people can find this entire network of people online who are all trying to do something to share their faith. And if it wasn’t for those shout-outs, I would’ve never found all these people.