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My bio – a little bit about me

I’ve served for five years as a missionary on college campuses throughout the United States, and three of those years I’ve been a team director, not only doing the normal missionary things but also helping my teammates do the same. Not only that, but while serving as a missionary I got my Master’s in theology, expanding my background knowledge. My degree and my experience gave me plenty of hands-on experience with evangelization, prayer, theology, and leadership to draw from when speaking.

And, I’m a nerd at heart. It sometimes shows. Want to see what I mean? Here are a few nerd topics I’ve used to explain faith things.

  • Conversations have their own hp, if you damage the health of the conversation too much, you run out of hp and the conversation dies.
  • Like a video game, our lives are on different difficulty settings. Some people are playing on Easy and others are on Hard or Legendary. We only see the externals, not the difficulty, so we definitely shouldn’t compare.
  • God wrote a story for your life, and you’re the hero. You’re Frodo, you’re Luke Skywalker. Life is an epic quest, will you say Yes?

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Topics – talks I’ve given

Here are talks I’ve given, though if you have another topic in mind that’s similar, I’d love to talk it through with you. Each category has several possibly topics.

My testimony, which can include one or several of the following topics:

  • trying to “earn” love through accomplishments
  • living my faith in Greek life
  • why I gave up engineering to become a missionary
  • how missionary life grew me as a person

Prayer, including:

  • how-tos and/or guided prayer times through lectio divina, Ignatian prayer, and intercessory prayer
  • the theology of St. John of the Cross and how God uses dryness and the “dark nights” to draw a soul even closer to Himself
  • prayer is not a performance (which is a false mindset we usually have)
  • God is not a divine vending machine that gives us what we want when we push the button
  • coaching and growing others (especially in the areas of prayer and evangelization)

Evangelization, including:

  • building authentic friendships, from which you can share your faith
  • navigating difficult, touchy, or otherwise awkward conversations
  • staying intentional with your time, such as when to be persistent vs. when to work with someone else who’s more responsive
  • sharing your story and Jesus’ story
  • coaching and growing others (especially in the areas of prayer and evangelization)

Faith facts, including:

  • theological facts, whether explained with nerd analogies or not (depending on your audience)
  • the works of St. Thomas Aquinas, the Church Fathers, the Doctors of the Church, and other theologians, applied to your life

Productivity and leadership, including:

  • planning/designing your life
  • virtue and professionalism
  • goal-setting
  • habit-setting
  • decision fatigue and how to overcome it
  • growing in focus/concentration/discipline
  • getting things done without burning out
  • situational leadership
  • coaching and growing others (especially in the areas of prayer and evangelization)

Here’s a video of a leadership/productivity talk I gave at TEDxFlint 2010 highlighting the importance of trying new things rather than rigidly staying with your plan.

The topics listed above are a starting point. If you have a particular topic in mind, contact Mike below to talk things through and see if it’s a good fit.

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