My most popular posts of 2017

Here are my 5 most popular posts from the past year, with links to the original. Links and descriptions are below, and I made a video overview also.

1. Why you need to be a mystic if you’re a Christian


A mystic is someone who knows Jesus in a deeply personal way (some people completely misunderstood what I was saying and thought it was some weird New Age-y thing and so I got quite a few negative comments about it on LinkedIn, of all places). But overall a fun post and most people liked it.


2. What visiting all the Eastern Rites taught me


Roman Catholic isn’t the only kind of Catholic; I visited one of every Eastern Rite (Byzantine, Chaldean, Coptic, etc.) that has a presence in the U.S., and wrote about what I learned.


3. What are you actually motivated about?


I did a four-part series about motivation, and oddly enough, part 2 (this one) was the most popular. It was all about seeing what you’re actually motivated about, right here and right now.


4. Guard your heart like it’s Helm’s Deep


Guarding your heart is a thing, because it’s precious and should be kept safe. I also like Lord of the Rings and so immediately thought of Helm’s Deep. Good walls keep the bad guys out but let the good guys in.


5. Embrace the grind


Pretty much all roleplaying games involve “the grind”, the boring leveling up by killing basic monsters (rats in the forest, for example) so you get stronger and eventually take down dragons. Prayer is like that, a lot of the time it seems boring and unglamorous but it’s really helpful at leveling you up in holiness.


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