“You shouldn’t feel that way”? False.

Quick, name two positive emotions and two negative emotions. Got them? Feel free to write them down, or just remember them. Guess what? It was a trick question. Emotions aren’t positive or negative, they’re just emotions. In a society such as our that tends to moralize our emotions, the concept I just proposed is a strange one. But it’s true.

Now, we might like some emotions more than others. We prefer happiness to despair, exhilaration to fear, triumph to embarrassment. But emotions in themselves have no moral value in any direction. They’re not good or bad. They’re not positive or negative. They’re just emotions.

Who knew Jesus the best?

A reflection

If you were God, would you have done things the way He did? If you’re the divine-made-human (i.e. Jesus) on a mission to become human, die for our sins, and save the world, would you have done it the way He did? If you’re anything like most people, probably not. He spent HOW long just living at home? (30 years, or ~90% of his life) But, He’s God so clearly knows what He’s doing. Let’s unpack it.

Why kids get bored with fancy presents, and other Advent thoughts

The parents scrimped and saved to have enough money to buy This Year’s Big Thing for their kids. The hottest must-have toy that every kid wants. Christmas rolls around and This Year’s Big Thing sits beautifully wrapped under the tree. The kids tear the wrapping paper apart and shriek with delight at the amazing toy that is now theirs. 15 minutes later, they’re playing in the box it came in, and stay there the rest of the day. What happened?

(well, perhaps they should’ve read this hilarious article of what kids really want for Christmas)

family and Christmas tree

An heir, a father, an enemy, a bodyguard: a story

Imagine you’re an heir to a kingdom. In America, that’s kinda hard, we very clearly and deliberately don’t have royalty or kings (though as a country we do practically worship celebrities, but that’s beside the point). You’re an heir to an exotic and wonderful kingdom, but you haven’t come of age yet, so you don’t get to take full possession of it.