Feelings feel like forever. Especially loneliness.

We tend to assume our emotions are permanent, that we will always feel the way we’re currently feeling. And, we can amplify them into the future, as told humorously in Thanks for the Feedback: you might be embarrassed because you had something stuck in your teeth the whole date, but you amplify it into “I will die alone.”


“You’re not weak”, and other reflections on back pain

Everyone has some sort of burden to carry, and along with it (often) comes lies about how you’re weak, or “look at everyone else, they seem fine.” (and we all know well comparison like THAT goes). And last week in prayer, God very directly confronted some of those lies I was believing about myself. It was awesome.

Method can help prayer, but isn’t it

I’m sitting in prayer, stuck. What am I supposed to do now? I wonder. I still have ten more minutes. I know that discipline in prayer is important, that it’s good to pray even when I don’t feel like it. But right now, I feel like I should be doing something different.

Underneath that mindset lurks the view that there’s a “perfect formula” out there, a method for prayer that will never leave me dry. Of course, dryness in prayer is a good thing, but it doesn’t feel like it.

God isn’t distracted by your distractions

The truths of the spiritual life are usually simply yet profound, and we’ve heard it before. Until one day we hear it anew and it finally clicks. I’d always heard that distractions in prayer were something to not freak out about much, but it never really clicked until I heard “God isn’t distracted by your distractions.”

Why kids get bored with fancy presents, and other Advent thoughts

The parents scrimped and saved to have enough money to buy This Year’s Big Thing for their kids. The hottest must-have toy that every kid wants. Christmas rolls around and This Year’s Big Thing sits beautifully wrapped under the tree. The kids tear the wrapping paper apart and shriek with delight at the amazing toy that is now theirs. 15 minutes later, they’re playing in the box it came in, and stay there the rest of the day. What happened?

(well, perhaps they should’ve read this hilarious article of what kids really want for Christmas)

family and Christmas tree