Every story has a hero. Frodo and Sam carry the Ring to Mordor. Luke Skywalker takes on the Empire and defeats Darth Vader. The Avengers keep the world safe from those who would threaten it.

God has a story. It’s a story that started with Him sharing His goodness so much that He made us so we could share in it too. Even when we rejecting Him and His story, He pursued us, wooed us, sought us out, even becoming one of us and proving His love by dying for us. All to bring us home to Him.

God’s story doesn’t end there, though. We’re not spectators or readers of the story. He’s inviting you to be part of it. He wants you to be in the story and help bring people back home to Him. You’re not just a face in the crowd. You’re not an NPC or even a sidekick: He wants you to be the hero.

You’re the hero in God’s story for your life. Haven’t thought about that before? Let it sink in, because it’s true.

God has a story for you, and you’re the hero. He has a mission only you can fulfill. He has a dream for your life. He wants you to become someone great, a true hero, a saint. Your story isn’t just for you, it’s for those you’ll touch. Maybe you’re the friend who keeps someone going in a difficult time. Maybe you’re the inspiration for someone getting started and they want to be a hero just like you. God’s dream for you is to change the world through you.

God wants you to be a saint, to be one of His own superheroes. The world needs more heroes, God wants more saints, and He wants to start with you.

I’m here to help you do just that. True heroes never do it alone. Too much is at stake. The journey is too tough, too difficult, impossible to bear on their own. Frodo had Sam, and Gandalf, and a whole bunch of others. Luke had Obi-Wan and Yoda. The Avengers had each other.

I’m here writing this blog to be Yoda for your Luke Skywalker. I’m here to help you be the hero God is calling you to be. I can’t defeat Darth Vader for you, I have my own Darth Vader to face and so do you. But what I can do is help you for your journey.

My name is Mike Antonacci, and I’ve served for five years as a missionary on college campuses throughout the United States, and three of those years I’ve been a team director, not only doing the normal missionary things but also helping my teammates do the same. My job is to help them succeed.

The mission is too great for one person to bear, so instead I can raise up other leaders, other laborers, other heroes with me. On campus, we mentor and train students to do everything we do. They learn how to pray and hear Jesus’ voice. They learn how to built authentic friendships and share their faith, and then do the same for others. Basically, they go from being young Padawans learning the Jedi ways to full-fledged Jedi Masters teaching their own Padawans.

Are you ready to become the hero God is calling you to be?






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