Who knew Jesus the best?

A reflection

If you were God, would you have done things the way He did? If you’re the divine-made-human (i.e. Jesus) on a mission to become human, die for our sins, and save the world, would you have done it the way He did? If you’re anything like most people, probably not. He spent HOW long just living at home? (30 years, or ~90% of his life) But, He’s God so clearly knows what He’s doing. Let’s unpack it.

“You’re not weak”, and other reflections on back pain

Everyone has some sort of burden to carry, and along with it (often) comes lies about how you’re weak, or “look at everyone else, they seem fine.” (and we all know well comparison like THAT goes). And last week in prayer, God very directly confronted some of those lies I was believing about myself. It was awesome.

Cheap advice sucks, and here’s why

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like when someone lobs an advice grenade at me and walks away, expecting me to do what they told me. Maybe they have no idea what they’re talking about, but at the very least, they’re unwilling to enter my discomfort. They refuse to accompany me. Instead, each of us should not only point out the way to people, but actually walk with them on it.

Method can help prayer, but isn’t it

I’m sitting in prayer, stuck. What am I supposed to do now? I wonder. I still have ten more minutes. I know that discipline in prayer is important, that it’s good to pray even when I don’t feel like it. But right now, I feel like I should be doing something different.

Underneath that mindset lurks the view that there’s a “perfect formula” out there, a method for prayer that will never leave me dry. Of course, dryness in prayer is a good thing, but it doesn’t feel like it.