Why you need to be a mystic if you’re a Christian

Karl Rahner said, “The Christian of the 21st century will be a mystic or will not exist at all.” In part, he meant that the challenges of the 21st century are such that if you’re not deeply rooted in Jesus, you won’t persist as a Christian. That’s a pretty big deal, so let’s take a look at why it means to be a mystic.


My top 5 books from this past year

Here are the top 5 books I read in the past year. The rules were that I had to read the whole book in the past year, so if I read it partially it didn’t count.

(this week’s post is a little different, it’s in both video and written form, so do whichever one you want; the only difference is the written post has links to the books)

What makes you come alive? (part 3 on motivation)

Aligning your life with where you want to be

Everyone’s motivated about something. Maybe it’s not what we think we should be motivated about, but some things really capture our attention. Part 1 in this series looked at the phrase “I’m not motivated” and part 2 walked you through seeing your current motivations. This part helps you align your life with where you want to go. What are the things that make you come alive?

fully alive

What are you actually motivated about?

A quick way to gain clarity in your life

Last week, I talked about how the phrase “I’m not motivated” is false: you’re always motivated about something, it’s just a quest of what. This week is part 2 and will guide you through finding your current motivations. Next week helps you turn your current reality into where you want to be.

Here’s a process to sort through what you’re actually motivated about. I’m including a template with these instructs at the bottom of the post as a download.