Phrase to kill: “I’m not motivated”

It’s not a true statement, so let’s stop saying it

I like exploring the phrases we use, it tells me a lot. Some of them, once you unpack it, it doesn’t actually mean anything, or maybe it’s totally false. “I’m not motivated” is one such phrase: it’s actually not true. You probably disagree with me right now, and that’s okay. Allow me to explain.

lazy dog not motivated

Why is prayer sometimes really hard? St. John of the Cross to the rescue!

Sometimes prayer is easy and feels great, we just know God’s love. Other times if seems like we’re reading a phone book. What gives? Turn out, God knows what we need (surprise!) and sometimes that means He needs to purify our intentions. St. John of the Cross, famously known for the “dark night of the soul”, explains.

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Dismissive labels are a terrible way to behave on social media

And 6 ways to be classier

Labels can be useful, they can tell you descriptive things. But that’s not how we usually use labels on social media. You’re more likely to see a group labeled, vilified, and dismissed. Dismissive labels make you come across as rude, snarky, and uncharitable. That’s no way to behave on social media.

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What the Marshmallow Experiment can teach us about the Christian life

Virtue: the firm and habitual disposition to do the good

“And the Lord said to Adam, you may eat of the fruit of any of the trees of the garden, but you must not eat this marshmallow.” – Unsong

On a plate rests a large marshmallow, and small child stares at it. “I’m going to leave and come back in 15 minutes,” the researcher tells the child. “If the marshmallow is still there when I get back, you’ll get another one. But, you can eat it now if you want.” It’s the now-famous Marshmallow Experiment. Each child gets to choose: one marshmallow now, or delay gratification for two later? And, they tracked the children long-term, finding those who could delay gratification showed success in other areas of their lives, such as higher SAT scores. What can this teach us about the Christian life?


How to make a time budget

Do you ever wish there were more hours in a day? Or feel like your schedule is crowded with external demands and you don’t have time for the most important things? With a money budget, you realize there are more things you can spend your money on than you actually have money, the same is true of your time, and thus you need a time budget.

I wrote much much more in a guest post for Brian McAdam, you should check it out!