Watch your mana: how to make sure you have mental energy when you need it

In games, your mana represents some sort of mental energy (usually for the game’s spellcasting system). When you run out of mana, you need to recharge before you can use it again. Real life is the same way: throughout the day, some things deplete your mental energy. Here’s how to make sure you have enough of it when you need it the most.

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Satan be hatin’

Any time you try to do something great, the Hater’s Guild steps in to get you to stop. Satan be hatin’. It’s called spiritual warfare, and it can be a clue to what God is asking you to do. So, by seeing where the opposition and resistance comes up, that’s an indicator that someone (the devil) doesn’t want you to do it, which is a great reason to do it.

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What the “bus to Abilene paradox” can teach us about our needs

Why would everyone make a trip that no one wanted?

On a hot summer day in Texas, one member of a family suggests they take a bus to Abilene, 53 miles away. The rest of the group readily agrees. Which is fine, except none of them actually want to go, they just think everyone else does. After the trip, everyone complains about how they didn’t want to go and it was a terrible idea. The story first appeared in Jerry B. Harvey’s article titled “The Abilene Paradox”, and in military circles is known as the “bus to Abilene.” So why did everyone just make a trip that no one wanted?

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What visiting all the Eastern Rites taught me

Or, you don't have to be Roman to be Catholic

When it comes to Catholic, Rome isn’t the only game in town. In fact, Roman is one of 24 rites within the Catholic Church, the other 23 are considered the Eastern Rites. Over the past year, I decided to visit all the ones I could (13 in all, the rest aren’t found in the U.S.). What did I learn?

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