Tastes of Timelessness – feat. Emma Dickinson

Some moments are entering into eternity, a taste of carefree timelessness, and they remind us of who we really are (and Whose we really are). In this interview with Emma, we talk about:
* Rome. A lot. Seriously, lots of Rome happening.
* tastes of eternity and timelessness. Most of these happened in Rome, hence the above bullet point.
* using God’s gifts, and not doing so is doing the world a disservice
* anything worth doing takes work
* to be heroic is to be in love

That’s not what that’s for: how to properly read Scripture

How the four sense of Scripture help your prayer life go deep

You sit staring at your math homework and are completely stuck. So you reach into your backpack and pull out an English textbook. “Perfect,” you say. “This is exactly what I need.” Said by no one, ever.

It’s clear that using your English textbook to help with math will result in dismal failure. Using a finance textbook to do fluid mechanics will result in the same, as will a heat transfer textbook in for a philosophy paper.

compass in the woods

More than just a personal relationship: marrying God

I don’t know why or how I first thought of the following image, and it doesn’t exactly connect with the theme of marrying God, but here you go: Life can be compared to an Easter egg hunt. People might say the person who collects the most eggs was successful, or perhaps the one whose eggs had the best candy hidden in them.


Holy Week, Jesus’ Victory Road

I remember when I first got to Victory Road in Pokemon Red Version. Everything I’d been working for as a Pokemon trainer led up to this point. I’ve beaten all the gyms and my work is almost done, but not quite. Beyond this road is the final test, the Elite Four. And the music that plays on Victory Road got me excited yet prepared for the challenge to come.

Victory Road isn’t the end, but it’s what comes immediately before. It’s the journey that leads up to it. Which means that Holy Week is Jesus’ Victory Road.

military salute

Don’t cross the signals: how to get the kind of feedback you want

“When you send your papers for revision, make sure to tell them what you’re looking for,” my professor advised us. “If all you want is for them to tell you how smart you are, you’ll need to say so. Otherwise you’ll be really disappointed when they come back with grammatical mistakes you need to correct.” He was completely right. There are different kinds of feedback and we get frustrated when we get one we didn’t expect.

wirest and switches