What’s your price?

Would you commit murder for $1000? A million dollars? A billion? If you would for any amount of money, we’re just haggling over price. So what’s your price? Or do you not have one, that you wouldn’t do it for any amount?

When it comes to following Jesus, He thought you were worth the price to die for, and He says we should count the cost before following Him. He asks everything of us, but gives us even more.

What speeding tickets and carry-on bags can teach us about repentance

When I travel, at least once I’ll see someone try to sneak a bag that’s too large as a carry-on, and they get mad when they get caught, even though they were the ones doing something wrong. That’s part of the drama of human history, we don’t fess us or own our mistakes, but that’s exactly what God invites us to do and thus receive His mercy.

How to say No well and set boundaries

even when the other person doesn’t want to listen

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, the other person doesn’t want to talk. They’re not interested in dialogue, and they won’t hear your No. They’re only interested in getting their way. You can do everything right from your end, but the other can be unwilling. What do you do then?


Become God’s heroes

Every story has a hero. And guess what? God has a story for you, and YOU’RE the hero. Let that sink in for a minute. Seriously. You’re not just a sidekick, you’re Luke Skywalker.

What would’ve happened if Luke decided to turn his back on his story? What would’ve happened to the Rebellion? And your story is no different. Your story matters so much to God that the devil hates it. He’ll try to get you to sin. If he can’t do that, he’ll make you busy, so busy that you don’t even know there’s a story or that you’re in it.

Become God’s heroes. That’s why you’re here.

Wait, Situational Leadership helps with Goal Setting?

Staying motivated for your goals is really easy right away. Goal setting is simple, follow up and following through is hard. At first, the possibilities seem endless, and you feel like you can do whatever you want. Later on, not so much. Whether it’s two weeks or two months later, at some point it gets tough. How do you push through?

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