A Journey through my Head, part 1: what is The Snap?

I’m going to take you on a journey through my head, all happening fall 2010 to winter 2011, aka my conversion. Thankfully, I wrote all this down and posted it online for all the world to see, so now I can comb through it. It begins with a term I called The Snap. Eventually, it ended up being one of four terms.

galaxy reflected in hand

FOMO on the Internet: basically, it’s gambling addiction

On the Internet, we spend our time like a gambling addict spends money. We’re looking for the jackpot, not caring how much it costs to win it. We want to find the witty status update, the cool new video, the next awesome thing. Much like a gambling addict, we focus only on what we won, not remember how much we lost in order to get there.

poker hand

Prove It! A Story of Evidence

“I can jump off a swing and go farther than anyone else,” brags one kindergartner. “Oh yeah? Prove it!” says another. The rest of the class gasps in shock. It’s a challenge. Not as big as a double dog dare, but a challenge nonetheless. So the first kindergartner marches over to the swing set and jumps, scanning the playground with a look that dares anyone to beat this distance. Others step forward, saying to themselves, “I can do better than that.” So they jump, falling short of the first jump.

swing set

Jesus, the Master of Q&Q: How to Ask Deep and Inspiring Questions

A well-crafted question can be extremely effective, whether at teaching, persuasion, or striking up good conversations. I already wrote about the importance of listening, especially in evangelization, and about what a question is. Asking good questions goes hand-in-hand with listening. Both are essential to evangelization.

aks ore questions sign