What is a Question? (oooh, a question about questions, how meta)

At a Star Trek convention, one angry fanboy challenged the writers that the transporter (teleporter) was impossible since it turned people into their subatomic particles and transported them. He said that by Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle this was impossible. The writers responded by saying there are Heisenberg Compensators installed. The fanboy, obviously angry, asked, “How does that work?” They replied, “Very well, thank you.”

microphone on stage

Eating Cereal: A Story of Discernment

It’s a Saturday morning, and your five-year old daughter wanders into the kitchen. From the look on her face and her unkempt hair, she clearly just woke up.

“I’m hungry,” she announces to the world. A statement that’s also a request. She doesn’t need to ask for food, she knows you’ll provide. It’s morning and she likes cereal, so you pour her a bowl, add the milk, stick the bowl in front of her, and put give her a spoon.

bowl of cereal

Listening Evangelization, and Why It’s Awesome

“Okay, and why would God allow that?” Sometimes questions don’t want to know the answer, people think that by asking those questions they’ve proved you wrong, and then they get mad when you answer. This one wasn’t like that. His question was genuine, he actually wanted to know the answer.

kid plugging ears

Four Ways to Deal with Suffering in Ministry

“How do you deal with all the rejection?” asked a student about my work as a missionary. He accurately picked up that it’s a major part of missionary life (or pretty much any ministry or evangelization). So to anyone in some sort of ministry, here are four ways to deal with incessant and nonstop rejection and other suffering that’s part of our line of work.

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You’re Not the Default: Three Tips for Debate

I was in the midst of a debate-like conversation and felt like things were going nowhere. No matter what I said, he had a counter to it, and I felt like I just had to keep showing more and more things. Suddenly I realized what was happening: he was assuming his side was the default and so all the burden was on me. Once I spotted it, I called him out and suddenly things went way better.

deer fighting in snow

Hungry and Sick: A Story of Serving Needs

“It’s just a cough,” he says. “Don’t worry about that. I’m hungry, that’s what matters. Give me something to eat.”

You stare at the man, raggedy, unkempt, clearly in need. He came asking for food, and you have plenty of it you can give. But in the few short minutes you’ve seen him, something else is clearly wrong. He’s sick. Bad.

rows of pills