Music and Silence

What if you could actually see virtue?

What if you could actually see virtue? Like as someone’s clothes or luster surrounding them or something else entirely. Imagine if you could see not just the effects of virtues like patience or humility, but could see them themselves. That’d be awesome. It’s a thought that struck me in prayer recently.

What if virtue was made visible?

If you could see physically a non-physical reality, that would be a game-changer. You’d see the pursuit of God, growing in prayer, responding to His grace, in all its beauty. You’d see turning away from Him in all its ugliness, and it would make choosing what’s right all the more easy.

jewel in ring

Theological Reflections on Captain Underpants

Captain Underpants: the man with an identity so secret, even he doesn’t know it! Normally superheroes have an alternate identity, which of course they want to keep secret so it can’t be used against them. But mild-mannered Mr. Krupp had an added level of security: he didn’t know. Whenever someone snapped their fingers, he’d become Captain Underpants. Snap again and he’d be back to normal, with no knowledge of his alter ego. I think that deep down, we’re just like Captain Underpants: we don’t know the hero that’s inside, we don’t know the dignity we have inside. We think we’re ordinary Mr. Krupp. We’re actually extraordinary.

little girl with cape

The Bus and the Money: A Story of Conscience

An older man stood on the side of the street, marveling at how public transportation had improved in his lifetime. Why, as a young boy, buses were driven by error-prone human drivers. Imagine that! The younger generations couldn’t even fathom something like that, to them, it’s always been that buses are computer-controlled, reacting automatically, working the same regardless of weather, sending people across the city.