The Introvert’s Guide to Making Friends (without the Introvert Hangover)

A decent number of my acquaintances are shocked to find out I’m an introvert. I do talk a lot and I’m not shy, but those things aren’t what makes someone an introvert. It’s about what drains you and recharges you. Introverts recharge alone. That’s pretty much it.

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The Concentration Epidemic: How Instant Gratification Ruins Deep Work

You sit down to write your paper. After a few minutes of staring at a blank screen, you feel the sudden urge to open Facebook, your email, and your texts. You return to your paper and type a little bit, then get up and make yourself a snack. After wasting so much time, you feel bad and commit to finally finishing the paper. After typing a couple more paragraphs, you get bored again and try some other distraction. Sound familiar?

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Please take my 2016 reader survey

I write so it’s helpful for you, and I always want to get better at doing that. Which means I need to know more about you, and so I’ve made my 2016 reader survey.

Would you please take a few minutes to take the survey? It’s 10 questions and so should only take 5 minutes, and your feedback will let me tweak this blog so I can write things more relevant and helpful for you.

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Thanks in advance! Seriously.

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One Phrase to Eliminate from your Vocabulary

And What to Say Instead

One thing that frustrated me tremendously throughout college were people who thought it was never their fault. Something external was always the cause, not something they did. One phrase that especially bothered me was “I don’t have time” (or “I don’t have time for that”, referring to something specific). It especially bothered me when they had plenty of time for other things like fun, but not for what I was asking.

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