The New Evangelization: the Actual Spirit of Vatican II

(not the “spirit of Vatican II” that needs an exorcism)

The “spirit of Vatican II” is a phrase that can mean anything (usually it means “Vatican II agrees with what I want it to mean”). Like any sort of interpretation of the Second Vatican Council, it’s not guaranteed to be the right interpretation. Let’s sort through what the spirit of Vatican II actually is.

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Hermeneutic of Rupture

Fancy Words for how to Misunderstand Vatican II

Hermeneutic is a fancy word referring to a way of interpreting things. Usually, it’s used in Scripture contexts, and also usually is “hermeneutic of ____”, showing its way of interpreting things. Like any time you’re interpreting things, some of those ways are wrong and inaccurate. We’re going to look at one of those wrong ways for the Second Vatican Council.

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Devotion: True or False?

For someone wanting to grow in devotion, the number of options can be overwhelming: so many prayers, kinds of prayer, groups and associations, and the like. In the midst of all of it, there’s a hidden danger: shaping devotion according to our preferences and thinking what we like as superior to other kinds of devotion. That’s false devotion.

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