Four Tips to Live Out the Lord’s Day

I stood in the kitchen of my fraternity house, eating a snack with some of the other guys, and talking about some of the cool ideas I had that day and had been writing about. I’m not normally an excitable person, but that’s one of those things that I can get animated about. One of my atheist brothers offhand said, “Of course you’re happier today, of course you have more ideas today, that happens to you every Sunday.”

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How to Disagree Without Being a Jerk

We were talking about Church authority, infallibility, and the like. Usually a fun conversation, I tend to enjoy this particular topic. He said the Catholic Church has changed its teachings and therefore couldn’t be infallible (or trusted). I decided to clarify the difference between doctrine (official teaching) and discipline (the best way to live out a doctrine), the latter of which can be changed.

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